Friday, 31 August 2012

Umamaheshwaram Temple

                          Umamaheswara swamy temple is situated on very tall hills of Nallamala forests and dates back to 2nd century AD. Uma Maheshwara Temple temple was built during the reign of Maurya Chandragupta contains a grand image of Errana, adored in literature.Umamaheswara swamy temple is also known as the North Entrance to Srisailam (Jyotirlingam). 
              The presiding deities in Umamaheshwaram are Mallikarjuna (Shiva) and Bhramaramba (Devi). The Shivalinga is a surprise for the devotees because of its colour - it is white on one side and red on the other side. There is an enormous tank where a thousand elephants can swim at the same time. It contains the images of Chandi, Subrahmanya, Virabhadra, Kumaraswamy and other gods.
        A leading Saiva kshetra enshrining one of the twelve jyotirlingas situated deep in the Nallamala forests. It is a hill temple, built by Kalyana The Chalukya Dynasty in the seventh century itself.
          Papa Nashanam is around 200 meters away from the Sanctum Sanctorum- where water comes out underneath the huge rocks at the same rate all through the year. A rock-pot over there that gets filled with the water for every 5 minutes and overflows to water a stretch of Jasmine/other plants down the hill. It is said that all your sins would be washed away if you take a dip at this place. Water quality at this place is simply superb. Like this many water bodies are there on this stretch. However none of them is perennial like "Papa Nashanam".
Umamaheswara swamy temple is located in picturesque Nallamala forest range - around 100 kilometers away from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad-Srisailam highway. Daily bus service is there from Achampet at around 9 am and 4 pm. For every 1/2 hour you have buses to Rangapur. Near by railway stations are Jadcherla, Mahabub Nagar and Hyderabad.

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